REVIEW: Untouched by: Alexa Riley


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Title: Untouched

Author: Alexa Riley

Release Date: June, 7 2016

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When Alexander buys the land for his new airstrip, he never imagines the home on it is still occupied. But after he lays eyes on Liliana, he decides she’s his property now.

Eighteen-year-old Liliana has been tucked away her whole life. After her grandmother dies, she’s left alone with only her romance books to keep her company. She’s been surrounded by females her whole life, but when Alexander walks in the door, she knows he’s there to save her.

He’s claiming her, no matter how untouched she is.

Will Liliana fight or let Alexander have his way? Will Alexander keep her locked away or set her free? Will there be enough steam in this book to start your own sauna? Only one way to find out!

Warning: Are we still doing these? This is Alexa Riley. You should know the drill by now. This is going to be over-the-top dirty with all the sticky bits you like. Get in here already!

Note: Untouched ends at 30% but includes a bonus book Coach. Enjoy our new short story and an old favorite.

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5 Stars

Hot, Sexy and Dirty that about sums up this steamy little fairy tale.  Another amazing short story from these ladies.


Alexander bought a castle to tear down and put up a landing strip.  But when he saw something in the window of the castle he wasn’t expecting he would find the most beautiful woman in the world.


Liliana has lived there for as long as she could remember never leaving and when her grandma died and the staff stopped coming she didn’t know what to do.  That was until she saw her prince.  The one she has read about in books coming to save her.  A sexy alpha who wanted to make her his.


This was a short fast read.  Loved it.


Received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review.


Reviewed for Hot Books & Sassy Girls Book Blog

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