REVIEW: Husband Stay (The Husband Series #2) by: Louise Cusack

Husband Stay (The Husband Series #2)

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Title: Husband Stay

Series: The Husband Series #2

Author: Louise Cusack

Release Day: April 13, 2016

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When the man of your dreams turns you into a hot mess, who do you call? If you’re Jill, Angela, Louella or Fritha, you phone a girlfriend, because in the #HusbandSeries, these girls are there for each other, despite the fact that they’re four very different women.

Angela Lata is the quiet friend, who only ever wanted two things out of life: a singing career and children. So she’s entitled to a little craziness after discovering that her cheating husband had a vasectomy before their wedding. Still, that’s no excuse to succumb to sexy man-whore Jack, even if he is so gorgeous she can barely breathe in his presence. Hadn’t she learned anything from her girlfriend’s example? The best way to get over one man is NOT to sleep with another.

The trouble is, Angela has never had good sex, let alone great sex, and on the eve of her diva dreams coming true, Jack promises her both. All it takes is one night with him to ruin her completely. Every date afterward suffers in comparison, and with her biological clock ticking loudly and her career not living up to her expectations, what she needs is father material, not pleasure-on-tap.

Tradition meets testosterone in a clash of expectations as unlikely lovers struggle to uncover what they really want from life—and each other.

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Husband Stay (Husband Series Book 2) by Louise Cusack
Angela Lata is going through a divorce after 15 years of marriage. All she has ever wanted was to be married and have children. But her soon to be ex-husband had a vasectomy behind her back and on top of that he is a cheating whore. Angela tries to regain her life, by going back to singing at club she use to work for part-time.. Her first night out on stage, Jack Davenworth decides to throw up on her, which cause her to fall and lands them both in hospital. And so the attraction or infuriation starts. Jack seems to rile Angela up but there is so much chemistry between them the pages start to burn. What starts out as just sex turn into so much more. Yet both are trying to make it sound like just sex. Can they get past their hang ups and admit what they each want. The story is full of twists and will keep you well entertained. I enjoyed this book, it was funny, sad, emotional and hopeful. When all else fails who do you call – (no not ghost busters ha ha), but your faithful girlfriends who will always have your back. The girls all play a part in this story, leaving you with a hint on another story brewing for each of the girlfriends. They are true to the word “sisterhood” and definitely come through for each other time and time again. Well done to the author on writing another winner.
Reviewed for Hot books and Sassy Girls book blog

Reviewed by: Nikki Malan

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